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Brony Fair 2015

The Brony Fair convention, April 11–12, 2015, in Berlin, Germany, sponsored a vendor’s booth for us, Bronies for Good. Sara Nowak and I ran the booth and also distributed effective altruism leaflets around the venue. I will estimate their conversion rates in about a week.

At the booth, we accepted donations for the Against Malaria Foundation and gave out buttons, pins, artwork, and copies of the Bound Together comic anthology as thank yous. The performance was as follows:

  • 25 copies of Bound Together given out
  • 2 Bound Together preorders served
  • 11 metal pins given out
  • about 3 postcards given out

We did not keep track of the number of buttons and postcards given out.

The donation performance was as follows:

Table Saturday €755 Table Sunday €312 Remainder €0.57 Total €1,067.57

We did not count the coins smaller than €1 on the first day (hence the “remainder”), and on the second day only counted the overall total, so that we calculated the subtotal for the day from the overall total.

We will forward the donations once we have digitalized the donor information.

Many thanks to all donors and the Brony Fair team!

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